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28/11/2015 - 900 Yards

21 Members and/or Guests in Attendance

Conditions:  Very hot, light winds shifting from 10.30 to 7.30
  Date:    28/11/15
  Range:    900
  Name: Grade  
  Henderson, Garry A 103.08
  O'Loghlen, Kim A 100.10
  Smith, Steve A 100.10
  Latham, Wendy A 100.09
  Menzel, John A 99.09
  Scovell, Peter A 98.09
  Meldrum, Craig C 97.06
  Howlett, Kevin B 97.04
  Caske, John A 95.07
  Blackmore, Will B 94.03
  Canty, Marcia  C 94.03
  Baker, Luke C 92.02
  DJ Vis 83.01
  F-Class Std Scope  
  Cullen, Daniel FS 122.10
  Latham, Wayne FS 120.05
  Leung, Jeff FS 119.04
  Wood, Kyle FS 117.03
  Pickles, Brian FS 112.04
  Cullen, Adam FS 112.03
  F-Class Open Scope  
  Constantinou, George FO 117.04
  Canty, Tom FO 105.03

Congratulations to Daniel Cullen who top scored on the range
in F-Class Std.

Well done, Daniel - great shooting



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Jeff Leung top scores on the range!

Jeff Leung (file photo) shot a possible 126 with 10 super-centres
at 800 yards on November 21st and top-scored on the range
in F-Class even beating the F-Class Open shooters.

Great Shooting, Jeff



Natives Rifle Club member, Brian Pickles, shot well in difficult conditions at the North Arm Rifle Club and Lilley District 2-Day Prize Meeting held on October 23rd and 24th to finish amongst the trophies and prize monies.

  Summary of Natives Rifle Club Scores:          
  Full results available at:
  North Arm Prize Meeting:            
  300 Yds: F-Class Std - 1st Brian Pickles, Natives 60.04      
  500 Yds: F-Class Std - 1st Brian Pickles, Natives 60.04      
  Aggregate: F-Class Std - 1st Brian Pickles, Natives 176.11      
  Lilley District Prize Meeting:            
  500 Yds: A Grade - 1st Garry Henderson, Natives 50.05      
  Aggregate: A Grade - 3rd Garry Henderson, Natives 148.13      
      Kim O'Loghlen, Natives 145.09      
    F-Class Std - 2nd Brian Pickles, Natives 154.06      
  2-Day Grand Aggregate:            
  Aggregate: A Grade - 1st Ashley Bidgood, Crows Nest 297.33      
      Gary Henderson, Natives 289.25      
    F-Class Std - 2nd Brian Pickles, Natives 340.17      




Natives Club members display their badges and medallions won in the QRA Championships held at the Belmont range.
Natives Club Members:         Stage #1            
1000 Yards F-Std A Ist Wayne Latham   55.01   1st 600 Yds B Grade 1st Luke Baker   50.04
Day 2 Agg F-Std A Ist Wayne Latham   109.04   Stage #2            
Aggregate A Grade 1st Mike Collings, NZ   248.25   2nd 900 Yds A Grade 1st Steve Smith   50.07
    Natives Members:       Stage #3            
  5th Peter Scovell   244.15   Aggregate F-Std A 1st Jeff Leung     115.04
    Markku Ahonen   240.19   Queens Aggregate:          
    Kim O'Loghlen   239.20     A Grade 1st  Peter Thurtell, Wingham 498.61
    Leigh Marett   239.16         Natives Members:    
    Garry Henderson   236.14       20th  Peter Scovell   488.42
    John Menzel   224.11       23rd Kim O'Loghlen   487.45
B Grade   Natives Members:           24th Markku Ahonen   487.43
    Craig Meldrum   226.13       28th Garry Henderson   486.45
F-Std A 1st Wayne Latham   287.15       30th  Wendy Latham   486.40
    Jeff Leung     268.05       36th Steve Smith   484.39
                  41st John Menzel   483.43
Grand Aggregate:                   Kevin Howlett   476.47
A Grade 1st  Peter Thurtell, Wingham 745.85         Leigh Marett   475.37
  6th Peter Scovell, Natives 732.57     C Grade 6th Marcia Canty   452.30
  19th Markku Ahonen   727.62     F-Std A 14th Brian Pickles    573.29
    Kim O'Loghlen   726.65       15th Wayne Latham   572.27
    Garry Henderson   722.59     F/TR   Tom Canty   534.14
    Leigh Marett   714.53                
    John Menzel   707.54                
F-Std A 2nd Wayne Latham   859.45                

More photos on the Photo Album page - Click Here

Full scores on the NRAA website - click here



Natives Club member, Steve Smith, performed consistently over the weekend of August 8 to 9th
resulting in a well deserved A Grade win in the MDRA Prize Meeting.

Brisbane Rifle Club Prize Meeting
  MDRA Prize Meeting     
Saturday, August 8, 2015       Sunday, August 9, 2015    
300 Yards:           800 Yards:        
A Grade: 1st  Steve Smith 50.07   F/Class-A: 1st  Jeff Leung   60.05
B Grade: 1st  Craig Meldrum 50.06   1000 Yards:      
C Grade: 1st  Bill Broome 50.06   B Grade: 1st  Kevin Howlett 49.05
600 Yards:           Aggregate:      
C Grade: 1st  Bill Broome 46.02   A Grade: 1st Badge Steve Smith 147.16
F/Class-A: 1st  Brian Pickles 58.4     3rd Kim O'Loghlen 146.12
Aggregate:               Peter Scovell 144.13
A Grade: 3rd Steve Smith 148.12       Wendy Latham 144.12
4th Peter Scovell 148.12       Leigh Marett 142.10
9th Kim O'Loghlen 147.12       Garry Henderson 142.09
10th John Menzel 147.12       John Menzel 140.12
  Garry Henderson 147.12       Markku Ahonen 138.12
  Wendy Latham 144.11   B Grade: 2nd Kevin Howlett 142.13
B Grade: 9th Craig Meldrum 143.13       Craig Meldrum 140.04
  Kevin Howlett 139.08   F/Class-A: 2nd Jeff Leung   170.09
C Grade: 1st Badge Bill Broome 143.11     6th Wayne Latham 165.04
F/Class-A: 3rd Brian Pickles 175.12   F Class Open: George Constantinou 170.07
6th Wayne Latham 174.11            
  Jeff Leung   168.06            
F Class Open: George Constantinou 173.14            

Full scores on the NRAA website - click here


Natives Club member, Kim O'loghlen, won the A Grade Aggregate at the annual
Ipswich Rifle Club Prize Meeting held on Saturday, July 25th.

Fellow Club member, Jeff Leung, won the F-Class Standard A Grade Aggregate.

Other Natives Club members were also in the medal and badge lists.


A Grade Aggregate - Natives    Natives Club Range Results:  
1st Kim O'Loghlen - 150.12   2nd 600 yards:    
4th Steve Smith - 147.14     Brian Pickles 1st - 59.07
Pete Scovell - 144.10       Jeff Leung 2nd - 59.05
Garry Henderson - 142.10          
B Grade Agg     800 yards:    
Ron Howie, Mariners - 145.13   A Grade: Kim O'Loghlen 1st - 50.03
C Grade Agg     F-Class A: Jeff Leung 1st - 60.02
Elyse Morrison Ipswich - 145.11          
F-Class Std A Aggregate - Natives        
1st Jeff Leung - 176.19          
3rd Brian Pickles - 173.12          
F-Class STd B Aggregate          
JIM Dixon, Cannon Hill - 173.11          
F Open              
Cameron McEwan, Dalby Tara - 180.21        
F TR              
Jason Mayers, Central - 178.12          


Luke Baker Shoots his First 105 Possible Score

A very happy Luke Baker (L) is congratulated by Club Captain,
John Menzel, after shooting his first 105 point possible in Club competition.

Congratulations to Luke from all Club Members.

The first of many more possible scores to come!



Andrew McArthur has joined the Natives Rifle Club and is looking forward to improving his target rifle skills.
Welcome to the Club, Andrew, and happy shooting on the wonderful Belmont range


Natives Club members Tim Berry (A Grade), Markku Ahonen (B Grade) and Luke Baker (C Grade) were outstanding performers in their respective Grades.

Tim Berry dropped his only two points at the challenging 1000 yards final range to finish with 2nd badge behind the winner, Geoff Grenfell from Bendigo, Vic.

Markku Ahonen won 3rd B Grade badge in the Presidents Match,  2nd Queens badge and 2nd Grand Aggregated badge.

In C Grade, Luke Baker continued his winning form from the Natives Prize Meeting and won the C Grade Presidents Match, won 3rd badge in the Queens and
in doing so won the C Grade Grand Aggregate.

Badges on display!
L to R: Tim Berry, Jeff Leung, Luke Baker, Markku Ahonen, Dom Whalan, Wayne Latham

More photos on the Photo Album page - Click Here

Summary of Natives Members' Scores:
The President:         The National Queens:       The Grand Aggregate:    
A-Grade: Don Thompson - 16th Badge 345.35     A-Grade: 1st Geoff Grenfell, Bendigo 499.60   (Results not yet published)  
Kim O'Loghlen   343.26       Natives Club Scores:              
Leigh Marett   332.26       Tim Berry - 2nd Badge 498.57   Known Results;      
            Kim O'Loghlen - 23rd Badge 492.49   B-Grade: Markku Ahonen - 2nd Badge 829.71
B-Grade: Markku Ahonen - 3rd Badge 343.26       Don Thompson 483.51            
            Wendy Latham 483.48   C-Grade: Luke Baker - 1st Badge 813.61
C-Grade: Luke Baker - 1st Badge 333.23       Leigh Marett   480.45            
Craig Meldrum - 3rd Badge 331.24       Steve Smith   473.35   F Std - A: Wayne Latham - 3rd Badge  
F Std - A: Wayne Latham - 5th Badge 404.19     B-Grade: Markku Ahonen - 2nd Badge 486.45            
            Dom Whalan - 6th Badge 481.45            
            Rowan McNaught - 9th Badge 475.37            
            Kevin Howlett   462.32            
          C-Grade: Luke Baker - 3rd Badge 480.38            
          F Std - A: Wayne Latham - 4th Badge 572.36            
          F Std - B: Jeff Leung - 3rd Badge 547.26            
   Other highlights of the marvellous achievements of Natives members          
The President:         The Queens:                  
300 Yards - C Craig Meldrum - 1st 49.03   300 Yards - C Luke Baker - 1st 50.03            
500 Yards - C Craig Meldrum - 2nd 49.05   600 Yards - A Don Thompson - 1st 50.08            
1000 Yards - B Markku Ahonen - 1st 48.05   600 Yards - C Markku Ahonen - 3rd 49.06            
1000 Yards - C Luke Baker - 1st 48.03   800 Yards - C Luke Baker - 1st 50.04            
  Craig Meldrum - 2nd 46.04   1000 Yards - B Markku Ahonen - 1st 49.05            
Day #2 Agg - B Markku Ahonen - 1st 148.10   Stage #1 Agg:                  
Day #2 Agg - C Luke Baker - 1st 145.09   A Grade:   Tim Berry - 5th 200.22            
  Craig Meldrum - 3rd 140.11   F-Std B:   Jeff Leung - 4th 220.13            
          Stage #2 Agg:                  
          A Grade:   Tim Berry - 6th 200.27            
          C Grade:   Luke Baker - 1st 196.17            
          F-Std B:   Jeff Leung - 3rd 224.10            
          Stage #3 Agg:                  
          B Grade:   Markku Ahonen - 1st 99.09            
          C Grade:   Luke Baker - 3rd 94.07            

Full results available from the NRAA website at



Wendy Latham (Captain and Shooter) and Sharona Muxlow (Shooter)
were delighted to be members of the winning NRAA Ladies team
which won the Collinson Trophy for competitions between national
Ladies teams from Australia and New Zealand.

The competition held on Tuesday, June 16, 2015 at Belmont resulted in a 20 point win to the Australian team.

The Australian Ladies Rifle Team looking very happy after their win.
Standing L to R: Tina Thornhill, Helen Griffiths, Kristy Martin, Wendy Latham (Capt), Carol Solomon (Coach)
Kneeling L to R: Donna Negus, Sharona Muxlow

Full results are available at:



The Natives Rifle Club held its annual two-day Prize Meeting at the Belmont Rifle Range on Saturday and Sunday June 13th and 14th
and in doing so created it's own piece of history by conducting the competition entirely on Hexta Electronic Targets, the first time
these targets have been used for an open prize meeting in Queenland.

The feedback to the Natives Rifle Club has been overwhelmingly positive and the Club has judged the event to be an outstanding success
for the Club and the eleven Hexta Electronic Target systems which proved their reliability in the drizzle and light rain which was
the only disappointment in an otherwise enjoyable experience for the almost one hundred competitors who participated over the two days.
The rain forced the abandonment of the pairs match and the 1000 yards match where the area is still recovering from a reconstruction program.

Hexta system designer, Dmitri Kazakov, a member of the Roseville NSW club, was on hand to compete in this historic event
 and to watch over his creation with the help of local volunteers, Natives Club members and members of other MDRA clubs who
assisted any unfamiliar competitors with the set up and operation of the shooter and scorer monitors.

Mirko Teglasi of the Brisbane Rifle Club dropped just two points to win the event for the second consecutive year
 by a single central bullseye from fellow club member, Geoff Grosskreutz.

Mirko Teglasi displays his number 1 badge

The Keith Affleck Belt match, competed for as a separate competition by the top eleven shooters in the Prize Meeting Grand Aggregate,
was altered to a seven shot match at 900 yards.  The winner of the Belt was Kim O'Loghlen of the Natives Club with an excellent score of 35.7.

Kim O'Loghlen after winning the Keith Affleck Belt with 35.7

Kim's excellant 900 yards group which won him the Keith Affleck Belt

A couple of stand-out performances were achieved by Natives Club members.
Luke Baker won the Day-1 C Grade Aggregate with an A Grade score of 147.11. 
Well done Luke and congratulations on your promotion to B Grade!

Jeff Leung (2nd in F-Class Std B), Luke Baker (1st in C Grade) & Kim O'Loghlen (9th A Grade badge and Affleck belt winner)

Wendy Latham suffered a "sabotage" by husband, Wayne, who knocked her rifle over and bent the wind arm on her rear sight!
Despite this, Wendy recovered from a couple of resulting wayward inners for sighters to shoot a magnificent 50.10 at 800 yards on Day-2.
Congratulations Wendy on this wonderful-to-watch shoot.

More photos on the Photo Album Page - Click here

2015 Natives Prize Meeting - Summary of Scores
A Grade:         F-Class Std A:
1st Badge Mirko Teglasi, Brisbane - 298.36   1st Badge Peter Drew, Grafton - 350.24
Natives Scores:       Natives Scores:
9th Badge Kim O'Loglen - 291.29     Wayne Latham - 332.19
10th Badge Wendy Latham - 291.29      
12th Badge Don Thompson - 291.25   F-Class Std B:
13th Badge Garry Henderson - 290.27   1st Badge Joe Koch, Monto - 337.19
John Menzel - 286.14   Natives Scores:
Peter Scovell - 281.16   2nd Badge Jeff Leung - 335.16
B Grade:         F-Class Open:
1st Badge Tina Thornhill, Pacific - 291.25   1st Badge Lowell Tillack, Goondiwinidi - 354.23
Natives Scores:          
5th Badge Kevin Howlett - 287.21   F/TR:  
7th Badge Dom Whalan - 284.21   1st Badge Mark Fairburn, Cannon Hill - 350.24
C Grade:            
1st Badge Luke Baker Natives - 287.24      
Other Natives Scores:          
Craig Meldrum - 283.18      

A full listing of scores is available from the NRAA website at



Natives Club members, Tim Berry, John Caske and Don Thompson competed in the North Queensland Rifle Association Championships
held on the Townsville Rifle Range from May 20 - 24th, 2015

A summary of Stage Aggregate results are listed below:

Summary of Results      
Wilson Stg #1        
2nd Don Thompson, Natives - 149.12    
Wilson Aggregate:        
A Grade: 1st - Peter Schafferius, Central - 298.28    
Natives Club Scores:      
  Don Thompson - 291.22    
  John Caske - 291.20    
  Tim Berry - 283.32    
Queens Aggregate:        
A Grade: 1st - Jim Bailey, Holsworthy - 396.41    
Natives Club Scores:      

9th Badge 

Tim Berry - 383.32    
  Don Thompson - 381.33    
  John Caske - 369.27    
Grand Aggregate:        
A Grade: 1st - Peter Schafferius, Central - 689.21    
Natives Club Scores:      

8th Badge 

Don Thompson - 672.54    
  Tim Berry - 666.64    
  John Caske - 660.47    




Natives club member, Brian Pickles, shot consistently over the weekend to finish second
in the F-Class Standard Grand Aggregate at the Bundaberg-Burnett Rifle Club Prize Meeting.

Brian also finished second in both the Day 1 and Day 2 Aggregates in F-Class Standard.
Along the way Brian won several range medallions to add to his trophy collection from
the Prize Meeting.
Fellow Club member, Garry Henderson, won the silver medallion for 300 yards in A Grade.

Garry Henderson (L) and Brian Pickles at Bundaberg

Saturday May 30th and Sunday May 31st, 2015
Brian Pickles is Placed 2nd in each of the daily aggregates and the Two-Day Aggregate
A good roll-up of 45 shooters
Summary of results:                            
Day #1 Agg ( 10 shots at 3, 5, 6, 600 yards)   Day #2        (15 shots at 800 and 900 yards)   Grand Aggregate:    
(Conditions: Sunny with light winds)     (Conditions: Sunny with light winds but tricky at 900)      
A Grade:           A Grade:         A Grade:    
1 Gillian Webb-Enslin Pacific 199.23   1 Gordon Duncan Central 150.15   1 Gordon Duncan Central 348.34
Garry Henderson Natives 194.13     Garry Henderson Natives 146.12   2 Gillian Webb-Enslin Pacific 347.45
B Grade:           B Grade:       3 Bob Skelton City of Brisb 345.32
1 William Pryde Spalding 195.15   1 Scott Robson North Arm 145.13     Garry Henderson Natives 340.25
C Grade:           C Grade:         B Grade:    
1 Chris Abbott Bundaberg 180.08   1 Josh Turner Bundaberg 121.06   1 William Pryde Spalding 340.24
F Std A Grade:         F Std A Grade:         C Grade:    
1 Graham Sells Dalby-Tara 237.18   1 Peter Casley Murray Bridge 173.14   1 David Hatherell Gympie 293.06
2 Brian Pickles Natives 235.14   2 Brian Pickles Natives 171.11     F Std A Grade:    
F Std B Grade:         F Std B Grade:       1 Graham Sells Dalby-Tara 407.3
1 Ray Watson Monto 231.13   1 Brenden Sells Dalby-Tara 165.08   2 Brian Pickles Natives 406.25
F Open:           F Open:         F Std B Grade:    
1 Phillip Dewhurst Wallumbilla 239.22   1 Craig McGowan Brisbane 180.13   1 Ray Watson Monto 392.23
                        F Open:    
Day #1 Ranges - Natives Results     Day #2 Ranges - Natives Results     1 Craig McGowan Brisbane 418.35
300 Yards:         800 Yards:                
3 A Grade: Garry Henderson 50.03     1 F-Std A Brian Pickles 89.09            
2 F-Std A Brian Pickles 59.04                        
500 Yards:                            
1 F-Std A Brian Pickles 59.03                        
600 Yards (1st):                            
2 F-Std A Brian Pickles 58.01                        
600 Yards (2nd):                            
1 F-Std A Brian Pickles 59.06                        



Natives club member, Wendy Latham,  won the Percy Gartner Memorial prize meeting on Saturday
and the 2-day Aggregate at Warwick over the weekend of
May 23 and 24, 2015

Congratulations, Wendy - Great Shooting

Emile Daniel was 2nd in F-Class Open in the DDDRA Prize Meeting and finished 3rd in the 2-day Aggregate.
Wayne Latham was consistent, finishing 3rd in F-Class Standard in each of the three Aggregates.


Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 May, 2015    
Percy Gartner Memorial Prize Meeting - 23/05/2015  
600 Yards (1st):          
A Grade: 2nd Wendy Latham, Natives - 50.5  
F Std-A: 2nd Wayne Latham, Natives - 56.04  
500 Yards:          
A Grade: 1st Wendy Latham, Natives - 50.8  
F Std-A: 3rd Wayne Latham, Natives - 57.4  
A Grade: 1st Wendy Latham, Natives - 149.18  
B Grade: 1st Russell Saxby, Darling Downs - 144.09  
C Grade: 1st Sam Cannington, The Armidale School - 138.8
F Std-A: 1st Simone Noble, Ipswich - 175.7  
  3rd Wayne Latham, Natives - 167.13  
  Brian Pickles, Natives - 156.3    
F-STd B: 1st Ron Millingen, Murwillumbah - 170.09  
F Open: 1st Beth Caskey, Pittsworth - 175.12  
DDDRA Prize Meeting        
500 Yards (1st):          
A Grade: 1st Wendy Latham, Natives - 50.7  
F Open: 2nd Emile Daniel, Natives - 60.8    
500 Yards (2nd):        
F Std-A: 2nd Wayne Latham, Natives - 58.6  
600 Yards:          
F Std-A: 2nd Wayne Latham, Natives - 58.4  
F Open: 1st Emile Daniel, Natives - 60.7    
A Grade: Ashley Bidgood, Crows Nest - 150.19  
  4th Wendy Latham, Natives - 149.19  
  5th Kim O'Loghlen, Natives - 149.15  
  John Menzel, Natives - 144.7    
B Grade: 1st Russell Saxby, Darling Downs - 145.10  
C Grade: Shane Kao, Darling Downs - 146.10  
F Std-A: 1st Gary Haeusler, Goondiwindi - 177.14  
  3rd Wayne Latham, Natives - 173.13  
  Brian Pickles, Natives - 158.3    
F Open: 1st Anthony Berry, Beaudesert - 179.13  
  2nd Emile Daniel, Natives - 178.20  
  George Constantinou, Natives - 171.12  
Two-Day Aggregate:        
A Grade: 1st Wendy Latham, Natives - 298.37  
B Grade: 1st Russell Saxby, Darling Downs - 289.19  
C Grade: 1st Shane Kao, Darling Downs - 283.21  
F Std-A: 1st Simone Noble, Ipswich - 350.22  
  3rd Wayne Latham, Natives - 340.26  
  Brian Pickles, Natives - 314.6    
F-STd B: 1st Ron Millingen, Murwillumbah - 338.16  
F Open: 1st Meichelle Knudsen, Beaudesert - 352.30
  3rd Emile Daniel, Natives - 348.27  

More photos on the Photo Album page - click here


Summary of Results          
Syme Aggregate:            
A Grade: 1st - Barbara Schwebel, Holsworthy - 299.32    
Natives Club Scores:          
  Don Thompson - 292.27        
  Dom Whalan - 271.15        
Queens Aggregate:            
A Grade: 1st -  Geoff Grenfell, Bendigo - 397.45      
Natives Club Scores:          
  27th Tim Berry - 391.45        
  Don Thompson - 383.24        
  John Caske - 380.32        
Grand Aggregate:            
A Grade: 1st -  David Black, Shepparton/Nathalia - 693.67    
Natives Club Scores:          
  Don Thompson - 675.51        
  John Caske - 664.54        


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