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24/09/2016 - 600 Yards Fixtures

20 Members and/or Guests in Attendance

Weather Conditions: Sunny & warm, light to moderate winds
from 7.30 o'clock.

  Date:    24/9/16   A Grade:      
  Range:    600 Fix     Natives:      
  Name: Grade         G. Henderson 105.09    
  Henderson, Garry A 105.09       J. Caske 104.12    
  Caske, John A 104.12       W. Latham 104.10    
  Latham, Wendy A 104.10       D. Thompson 103.07    
  Menzel, John A 103.07       S. Smith 101.09    
  Thompson, Don A 103.07       S. Connolly 99.08    
  Howlett, Kevin B 103.06       P. Scovell 99.07    
  Baker, Luke B 102.11           715.62  
  Smith, Steve A 101.09              
  Connolly, Shaun A 99.08   B Grade:      
  Broome, William C 99.07     Natives:      
  Scovell, Peter A 99.07       J. Menzel 103.07    
  McArthur, Andrew B 99.06       K. Howlett 103.06    
  Canty, Marcia  C 97.05       L. Baker 102.11    
  F-Class Standard Scope         B. Broome 99.07    
  Latham, Wayne FS 124.11       A. McArthur 99.06    
  Pickles, Brian FS 118.08       M. Canty 97.05    
  Canty, Tom FS 118.06           308.24  
  Leung, Jeff FS 117.07              
  Wood, Kyle FS 116.04   F-Class Teams      
  Craick, Gordon FS 109.03     Natives:      
  F-Class Open Scope         W. Latham 124.11    
  Constantinou, George FO 119.06       G. Constantinou 119.06    
              B. Pickles 118.08    
              T. Canty 118.06    
              J. Leung 117.07    
              K. Wood 116.04    
              G. Craick 109.03    



James Corbett of Benalla, Victoria, has added his 31st Queens win
to his magnificent record by taking out the NSWRA Queens
on a centre-bull count-out of four other competitors
all five points down on 445 from the possible total of 450.

James Corbett after his 2016 QRA Queens win
(QRA photo)

Summary of NSWRA Championship Results
The J G McIntosh Series Aggregate:      
  A Grade: 1st - Jim Jefferies, Lyndurst - 400.53    
    Natives Club Scores:      
  16th Tim Berry - 398.40      
    Kim O'Loghlen - 395.47      
    Don Thompson - 395.43      
  B Grade: Dom Whalan - 379.26      
Queens Aggregate:          
  A Grade: 1st -  James Corbett, Benalla - 445.56    
    Natives Club Scores:      
  14th Kim O'Loghlen - 442.38      
    Don Thompson - 432.30      
    Tim Berry - 429.40      
  B Grade: Dom Whalan - 418.28      
Grand Aggregate:          
  A Grade: 1st -  Duncan Davies, West Wallsend - 844.100  
    Natives Club Scores:      
  11th Kim O'Loghlen - 837.85      
    Tim Berry - 827.80      
    Don Thompson - 827.73      
  B Grade: Dom Whalan - 797.54      

Full Results available from the NRAA website - Click Here


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MDRA Weekly Top Ten - Target Rifle


MDRA Leader Board 2016 - F-Class Standard


  Summary of Natives Rifle Club Members' Results  
  DUNCAN SERIES:           QUEENS SERIES:          
Aggregate: A Grade 1st Lee Robinson, Beaudesert 298.03   Aggregate: A Grade 1st  James Corbett, Benalla 499.60  
      Natives Members:             Natives Members:      
    3rd Kim O'Loghlen   298.03       17th Kim O'Loghlen   491.49  
    16th Leigh Marett   295.27       22nd Don Thompson   491.40  
      Don Thompson   292.23       34th Leigh Marett   487.43  
      Wendy Latham   286.26         Wendy Latham   483.38  
  B Grade 1st Luke Baker - Natives 293.23     B Grade 1st Ro McNaught - Natives 492.47  
      Other Natives Members:           Other Natives Members:    
      Dominic Whalan   281.17         Kevin Howlett   477.35  
      Craig Meldrum   273.17         Luke Baker   476.38  
                      Dominic Whalan   472.32  
  F-Std A   Wayne Latham   329.12         Kate Constantinou   468.30  
                  F-Std A 4th Brian Pickles   574.30  
                      Wayne Latham   561.26  
                    F/TR:   Kyle Wood   566.22  
                      George Constantinou   561.19  

Natives Rifle Club members, Luke Baker and Rowan McNaught, won the Duncan B Grade and Queens B Grade Aggregates respectively.
Congratulations to Luke and to Ro on their wonderful achievements!

Full results are available on the NRAA Website, click here.

Left: Luke Baker with proud children, Lachlan and Chloe.
Right: Ro McNaught holding the B Grade trophy and her No.1 badge.

More photos on the Photo Album Page, Click Here


  Brisbane Rifle Club Prize Meeting   MDRA Prize Meeting       
  Saturday, August 6, 2016       Sunday, August 7, 2016      
  Summary of Natives Club Members' Results  
Aggregate:           Aggregate:        
A Grade: 7th     146.10   A Grade: 3rd Steve Smith 148.16  
    Steve Smith 143.10       Kim O'Loghlen 147.14  
    Kim O'Loghlen 138.15       Garry Henderson 147.12  
    Garry Henderson 137.11       Don Thompson 146.11  
    Wendy Latham 134.15       Wendy Latham 144.12  
B Grade: 1st Badge Kevin Howlett 148.12   B Grade: 4th Luke Baker 144.10  
  3rd Luke Baker 141.12     5th Kevin Howlett 144.10  
    Andrew McArthur 136.09     6th Kate Constantinou 144.09  
                Craig Meldrum 136.07  
F/Class-A: 2nd Brian Pickles 167.08              
    Wayne Latham 159.05   C Grade: 4th Bill Broome 134.06  
    Kyle Wood 157.09              
F/TR: 1st Badge George Constantinou 168.08   F/Class-A: 4th Kyle Wood 175.10  
  4th Jeff Leung   164.06       Brian Pickles 168.08  
                Wayne Latham 157.03  
            F/TR: 1st Badge George Constantinou 174.09  

Congratulations to Kevin Howlett who won the Brisbane Rifle Club B Grade Aggregate and to
George Constantinou who cleaned up in F/TR in both the Brisbane RC and MDRA Prize Meetings.
Well Done, Natives!

Full results are available on the NRAA Website, click here.

Left: George Constantinou, Kevin Howlett, Steve Smith and Gary Henderson show off their Brisbane RC badges.
Right:  Kevin Howlett and Brian Pickles with their MDRA badges.



Summary of Score
  A Grade Agg:     Natives Club Range Results:    
  1st Matt Pozzebon, Uni - 150.22 1st 600 Metres:      
  Natives Scores:     F-Std A Grade: 2nd Brian Pickels - 60.03  
  5th Shaun Connolly - 147.13   F/TR: 3rd George Constantinou - 59.01  
  Wendy Latham - 139.11            
          2nd 600 Metres:      
  B Grade Agg:     F-Std A Grade: 3rd Wayne Latham - 56.03  
  Garry Morrison, Ipswich - 145.12          
  Natives Scores:     800 Metres:      
  Andrew McArthur - 139.10   A Grade: 4th Shaun Connolly - 50.03  
  Kevin Howlett - 136.06   B Grade: 2nd Kevin Howlett - 50.04  
          F-Std A Grade:  2nd Brian Pickles - 58.04  
  C Grade Agg:              
  Josh Pratt, Ipswich - 138.10            
  F-Class Std A Agg:              
  1st Glenn Rush, Ipswich - 175.14          
  Natives Scores:              
  3rd Brian Pickles - 173.09            
  4th Wayne Latham - 168.11            
  Jeff Leung - 164.05              
  F-Class Std B Aggregate            
  1st Mal Lubach, Albert District - 171.15          
F Open                
  1st Julie McEwan, Dalby Tara - 177.16          
  F TR                
  1st Mark Fairbairn, Cannon Hill RSL - 177.10        
  Natives Scores:              
  3rd George Constantinou - 165.05          


Natives club member, Brian Pickles, followed up his earlier win at
Bundaberg with another great win in the F-Class Standard Aggregate
 at Beaudesert on Sunday, July 17th.

Kim O'Loghlen won the first 500 yard range with an excellent 75.09
and came second in the A Grade Aggregate.
Summary of Scores:        
First 500 Yards:        
A Grade: 1st Kim O'Loghlen, Natives - 75.09
Second 500 Yards:        
F Std A Gr: 1st Brian Pickles, Natives - 86.07
A Grade: 1st Ashley Bidgood, Crows Nest - 150.21
  2nd Kim O'Loghlen, Natives - 149.16
  Other Natives Scores:  
  Shaun Connolly - 146.10  
  John Caske - 142.13    
B Grade: 1st Ryan Biss, Beaudesert - 146.11
C Grade: 1st Josh Pratt, Ipswich - 147.19  
F Std A Gr: 1st Brian Pickles, Natives - 174.13
  Other Natives Scores:  
  Kyle Wood - 168.08    
F Open: 1st Tony Berry, Beaudesert - 179.20
F/TR: 1st Craig Pratt, Ipswich - 178.09  

Congratulations Brian and Kim! 
Keep up the great form going into the QRA Championships.



The 2016 NRAA Championships were held at Belmont from June 22nd to 26th.

Kim O'Loghlen finished a very creditable 2nd in The President, the lead-up match to the National Queens.  Don Thompson (19th),
John Caske (23rd) and Leigh Marett (24th) all collected badges.  Well done, Natives!

James Corbett of Benalla, Victoria added to his enormous collection of No.1 Badges by winning The National Queens.
Tim Berry (9th) and Kim O'Loghlen (21st) were in the list of badge winners.  Good shooting, Tim and Kim.

  Summary of Natives Members' Scores:
The President:       The National Queens:       The Grand Aggregate:    
A-Grade: 1st - Duncan Davies, NSW 348.45   A-Grade: 1st James Corbett, Benalla 496.57   (Results not yet published)  
  Natives Club Scores:       Natives Club Scores:              
  Kim O'Loghlen - 2nd Badge 347.42     Tim Berry - 9th Badge 492.59   The Karltenberg Cup    
  Don Thompson - 19th Badge 343.35     Kim O'Loghlen - 21st Badge 490.44            
  John Caske - 23rd Badge 342.28     Leigh Marett   485.46   1st Geoff Grenfell, Bendigo 74.9  
  Leigh Marett - 24th Badge 341.43     Don Thompson 477.42     Natives Club Scores:    
            John Caske   471.30     Leigh Marett 73.3  
B-Grade: Craig Meldrum - 5th Badge 333.22                 Kim O'Loghlen 72.5  
  Andrew McArthur   329.26   B-Grade: Andrew McArthur 452.32            

Jame Corbett, 2016 NRAA Queens Winner
L: Tim Berry would have preferred not to have let that one that got away at 1000 Yards!
R: John Caske looks philosophical about the last one that ended up on the next target!
Matt Pozzebon scoring for Kim O'Loghlen (centre) and Ben Picton (right) in the Kaltenberg Cup
Kim O'Loghlen and Leigh Marett, who both finished in the top 20 in the Grand Aggregate,
shot in the Kaltenberg Cup match at 1000 yards
(Left) Kim with his group and (Right) Leigh packing up after the match (his group is bottom right)



Matt Pozzebon of the University of Queensland Rifle Club won the 2016 Natives Rifle Club 2-day prize meeting with an excellent score of 299.41.
In doing so, Matt became the inaugural winner of the Les Perrin Shield dedicated to the memory of the late Natives club member.

Matt Pozzebon receiving the Les Perrin Shield from Natives Club Captain, John Menzel.


The Keith Affleck Belt is a separate match contested at 1000 yards by the top ten in the two-day Grand Aggregate.
Graeme Bolland of the Pacific Rifle Club won the Belt with a score of 50.5.

Graeme is pictured wearing the Keith Affleck Belt.


Natives Club members, Brian Pickles and Kyle Wood, swept the rest of the field before them to take out all the major trophies
and many of the range medallions in F-Class Standard A Grade and F-Class Standard B Grade, respectively.

Congratulations, Kyle and Brian, on excellent shooting.

Summary of Results

A Grade:         F-Class Std A:      
1st Badge Matt Pozzebon, Uni of Qld - 299.41 1st Badge Brian Pickles, Natives - 347.23
Natives Scores:       Natives Scores:      
 2nd Badge Kim O'Loglen - 296.31   3rd Badge Jeff Leung - 338.16    
10th Badge Garry Henderson - 292.23   5th Badge Wayne Latham - 325.14  
12th Badge Wendy Latham - 291.27            
13th Badge Leigh Marett - 291.25     F-Class Std B:      
Don Thompson - 289.28   1st Badge Kyle Wood, Natives - 340.19  
B Grade:         F-Class Open:      
1st Badge Des Voight, North Arm - 291.20   1st Badge Josh Reid, Ipswich - 354.31  
Natives Scores:                
4th Badge Luke Baker - 284.19     F/TR:        
Andrew McArthur - 276.14   1st Badge Jason Mayers, Central - 350.22  
C Grade:                  
1st Badge Derek Sharp, Mariners - 292.20            
Keith Affleck Belt:  Graeme Bolland, Pacific - 50.5        
Other Notable Natives Scores:              
300 Yards A Grade: 1st Kim O'Loghlen - 50.8 500 Yards FS-B: 1st Kyle Wood - 59.3  
B Grade: 1st Luke Baker - 49.4 600 Yards FS-B: 1st Kyle Wood - 60.6  
FS-A: 1st Brian Pickles - 60.3 800 Yards FS-A: 1st Brian Pickles - 60.9
FS-B: 1st Kyle Wood - 60.6     FS-B: 1st Kyle Wood - 60.1  
1000 Yds #1 FS-A: 1st Brian Pickles - 55.3 1000 Yds #2 B Grade: 1st Luke Baker - 49.2
          FS-A: 1st Brian Pickles - 55.2
          FS-B: 1st Kyle Wood - 55.3  

Full Results are available at

More photos on the Photo Album Page



Despite the wild storms and heavy rain that lashed much of South-East Queensland,
 ideal conditions prevailed at Bundaberg for the two-day Prize Meeting held on June 3rd and 4th.

Natives Rifle Club member, Brian Pickles, won the F-Class Standard aggregate on day one and finished second on day two to
take out the Grand Aggregate.
Fellow club member, Garry Henderson, rounded off a good weekend for the Club with 5th badge in Target Rifle A Grade Grand Aggregate.


Brian Pickles and Garry Henderson display their badges

2016 Bundaberg Prize Meeting Results



Natives Club member, Don Thompson, won badges in each
of the David Syme aggregate, the Queens aggregate and the Percy Pavey Grand aggregate at the VRA Championships
shot last week on the Welsford range in Bendigo.

Congratulations, Don!
Summary of Results    
Syme Aggregate:      
A Grade: 1st - Peter Thurtell, Wingham - 298.36
Natives Club Scores:    
12th Don Thompson - 292.25  
18th John Caske - 291.18  
  Peter Scovell - 286.21  
Queens Aggregate:      
A Grade: 1st -  Geoff Grenfell, Bendigo - 397.47
Natives Club Scores:    
8th Don Thompson - 394.38  
24th Tim Berry - 390.37  
  John Caske - 384.37  
  Peter Scovell - 378.24  
Percy Pavey Grand Aggregate:    
A Grade: 1st -  Geoff Grenfell, Bendigo - 694.90
Natives Club Scores:    
6th Don Thompson - 686.63  
  John Caske - 675.55  
  Peter Scovell - 664.45  



The Veterans Teams Championships were held in Bendigo, Victoria this week.  In the F-Class Standard competition, the Qld pairs of Brian Pickles (Natives) and Mike Kyle (Gold Coast) on 442.24 points won the Bob Richards-Mousley trophy by one point from arch-rivals Ernie Mace (Central) and Dick Blocksidge (Albert).

The match, fired over 300, 600, 900 and 1000 yards, was shot in difficult rear fish-tail conditions.

Brian and Mike also picked up the bronze medallion for second place in the two day aggregate.


Mike and Brian with their trophy



Following on from her success in the MDRA Champion of Champions, Rowan McNaught of the Natives Rifle Club won the QRA Under-25 Champion of Champions match.

The Natives Rifle Club proudly acknowledges Ro's string of successes in recent months.

Congratulations Rowan



Natives Rifle Club member, Rowan McNaught, won the MDRA Under-25 Champion of Champions competition held on Saturday, February 27th fired over 300, 900 and 1000 yards on Hexta electronic targets.

The conditions were very challenging with the effects of the aftermath of a tropical cyclone causing fresh to strong, quick changing winds switching from 9.00 to 12.00 o'clock.

The weather conditions challenged even the most experienced competitors resulting in quite low scores across all of the disciplines competing in the Champion of Champions matches.



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