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28/02/2015 - 800 Yards

Conditions: Hot, humid, light to moderate, winds from 7.30 o'clock

22 Members and/or Guests in Attendance

  Date:    28/2/15
  Range:    800
  Name: Grade  
  Thompson, Don A 105.15
  O'Loghlen, Kim A 104.12
  Caske, John A 104.11
  Marett, Leigh A 104.11
  Meldrum, Craig C 104.09
  Menzel, John A 104.09
  Muxlow, Sharona B 104.07
  Latham, Wendy A 102.13
  Howlett, Kevin B 102.11
  Ahonen, Markku B 102.08
  Henderson, Garry A 101.08
  Scovell, Peter A 100.10
  Baker, Luke C 97.06
  Cullen, Adam C 41/50
  F-Class Std Scope  
  Leung, Jeff FS 122.07
  Latham, Wayne FS 119.05
  Menzel, Paul FS 118.04
  Cullen, Adam FS 117.06
  Cullen, Daniel FS 115.06
  Pickles, Brian FS 115.02
  Caske, Judy FS 97.01
  F-Class Open Scope  
  Constantinou, George FO 119.05
  Daniel, Emile FO 119.03


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