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Natives Rifle Club's youngest member, Josh Pratt, scoops the C Grade pool
at the NRAA Championships!

The National Full-bore Rifle Shooting Championships were held at the Belmont range
 from June 21st to 25th in wonderful Queensland winter weather.
The weather was at it's most benign throughout the week and this was reflected in the scores. 
Heading into the last 1000 yard range there were seven competitors who had not dropped a shot
and two emerged from that match with a perfect 500 point score. 
Geoff Grenfell of the Bendigo club emerged as the 2017 Queens Prize winner on 500.69
from Duncan Davies of the West Wallsend club only 3 centre bullseyes behind.

From the Natives Rifle Club prospective the BIG news was the success of 14 year old member,
Josh Pratt, who practically scooped the pool in C Grade.
In the Presidents match, Josh won the first day's aggregate and the Grand Aggregate.
In the Queens, Josh won all aggregates and won the C Grade Queens with a score that would have
earned him 10th badge in B Grade!


Josh Pratt receives the C Grade Queens trophy from NRAA Chairman, Gordon Duncan
  Summary of Natives Members' Scores:  
The President:       The National Queens:       The Grand Aggregate:      
A-Grade: 1st - Duncan Davies, NSW 349.43   A-Grade: 1st Geoff Grenfell, Bendigo 500.69   A-Grade: 1st Geoff Grenfell, Bendigo 849.112  
  Natives Club Scores:       Natives Club Scores:       Natives Club Scores:      
  Leigh Marett - 22nd Badge 343.31     Kim O'Loghlen - 28th Badge 494.53     Kim O'Loghlen - 19th Badge 836.84  
  Kim O'Loghlen   342.31     Don Thompson 493.46              
  Don Thompson   341.35     Leigh Marett   492.49   C-Grade: 1st - Josh Pratt, Natives  812.62  
  Peter Scovell   337.26     Wendy Latham 491.46              
  John Caske   333.24     John Caske   483.42   F-Class Std - B Grade:      
            Peter Scovell   483.36     Wayne Latham - 3rd Badge 981.55  
C-Grade: 1st - Josh Pratt, Natives  329.25                          
          B-Grade: Rudi Mueller - 8th Badge 485.29   F/TR:          
F-Class Std - B Grade:                     Craig Pratt - 4th Badge 989.61  
  Wayne Latham - 4th Badge 401.22   C-Grade: 1st - Josh Pratt, Natives  483.37              
                      The Karltenberg Cup      
F/TR:         F-Class Std - B Grade:       1st - Matt Pozzebon, University of Qld 75.9  
  Craig Pratt - 4th Badge 407.27     Wayne Latham - 3rd Badge 480.33     Natives Club Scores:      
                        Kim O'Loghlen   70.2  
            Craig Pratt - 8th Badge 582.34              

More photos on the Photo Album Page - Click Here


Brian Carter of Te Puke, New Zealand, put on a wonderful display of marksmanship to win
 the Les Perrin Memorial Grand Aggregate in the 2017 Natives Prize Meeting held on June 18th and 19th.   

Saturday was a near perfect day for shooting and scores were generally high with George Edser of Albert & Central club
 winning A Grade with the excellent score of 150.23 from Natives member, Kim O'Loghlen, only 1 central bull behind.  
Sunday was very different day weather-wise with blustery, quick-changing winds playing havoc with scores at the long ranges. 
However, Brian Carter mastered the weather and produced the only 150 point possible on the day. 

Brian then went on to win the shoot-off at 1000 yards between the top 10 TR competitors in the Grand Aggregate
to collect the Keith Affleck Belt trophy.

Left: Captain John Menzel congratulates Brian Carter on winning the Keith Affleck Belt
Right: Jeff Wimberley presents Brian Carter with the Les Perrin Memorial shield for the A Grade Grand Aggregate

Natives club member, Rudy Mueller, receiving his B Grade No.1 Badge

More photos on the Photo Album Page - Click Here


A Grade:         F-Class Std A:      
1st Badge Brian Carter, Te Puke, NZ   1st Badge Mahlon Reid, Boddington 214 - 341.22
Natives Scores:       Natives Scores:      
4th Badge Kim O'Loglen - 295.30   5th Badge Brian Pickles - 327.24  
8th Badge Don Thompson - 292.025            
11th Badge Leigh Marett - 291.25     F-Class Std B:      
Peter Scovell - 288.22   1st Badge Dick Blocksidge, Albert & Central - 337.17
Wendy Latham - 287.23   Natives Scores:      
Garry Henderson - 280.22   2nd Badge Wayne Latham - 335.17  
          Wayne Blair - 310.11    
B Grade:           Paul Menzel - 301.4    
1st Badge Rudy Mueller, Natives - 287.019   Gordon Craick - 298.4  
Natives Scores:                
Kevin Howlett - 276.18   F-Class Open:      
Luke Baker - 274.11     1st Badge David Boreham, North Arm - 356.20
Craig Meldrum - 266.13            
C Grade:         F/TR:        
1st Badge Sebastian Hopkins, Gold Coast - 290.31 1st Badge Andrew Blaiklock, Brisbane Mariners - 351.22
Natives Scores:       Natives Scores:      
2nd Badge Michael Halpin - 253.11   4th Badge George Constantinou - 339.02  
          Craig Pratt - 326.16    
Keith Affleck Belt:  Brian Carter, Te Puke, New Zealand          
Other Notable Natives Scores:              
Day 1 Agg - "The Carina Leagues Club Short Rang Match"  Day 2 Agg - "The Berger Long Range Match"  
A Grade: 2nd Badge - Kim O'Loghlen - 150.22 B Grade: 3rd Badge - Rudi Mueller - 142.9  
B Grade: 2nd Badge - Lyle Vinter - 147.9   C Grade: 2nd Badge - Michael Halpin - 116.4
C Grade: 2nd Badge - Michael Halpin - 137.7 F-Std B: 3rd Badge - Wayne Latham - 160.6
F-Std A: 2nd Badge - Brian Pickles - 175.19          
F-Std B: 2nd Badge - Wayne Latham - 175.11          



HEXTA Electronic Targets

Refer to the links above for previous years' results

- 600 Yards Fixtures

31 Members and/or Guests in Attendance

Weather Conditions: Partly cloudy, late shower,
 light to moderate cool winds fishtailing from 10.00 through 2.00 o'clock.

  Date:    10/6/17 Natives Club TR Teams  
    Range:  600 Fix   Division 1 - Natives Gold  
  Name: Grade       D. Thompson 104.12  
  Thompson, Don A 104.12     S. Connolly 101.09  
  Smith, Steve A 102.09     K. O'Loghlen 101.07  
  Vinter, Lyle A 101.10     G. Henderson 100.08  
  Connolly, Shaun A 101.09     W.A. Latham 99.03  
  O'Loghlen, Kim A 101.07         505.39
  Henderson, Garry A 100.08   Division 1 - Natives Green  
  Muxlow, Sharona B 100.08     S. Smith 102.09  
  Caske, John A 100.06     J. Caske 100.06  
  Baker, Luke A 100.05     L. Baker 100.05  
  Pratt, Joshua C 99.08     P. Scovell 96.06  
  Blackmore, William B 99.04     C. Meldrum 93.06  
  Latham, Wendy A 99.03         491.32
  Scovell, Peter A 96.06   Division 2 - Native Spears  
  Broome, William C 95.07     L. Vinter 101.1  
  Canty, Marcia  C 95.04     S. Muxlow 100.08  
  Meldrum, Craig B 93.06     J. Pratt 99.08  
  Mueller, Rudi B 92.04     W. Blsckmore 99.04  
  Halpin, Michael C 92.02     R. Mueller 92.04  
  Greaves, Brian B 86.06         491.34
  Howlett, Kevin B 78.03   Division 2 - Natives Woomeras
  Menzel, John A 41.01     B. Broome 95.07  
  F-Class Standard Scope       M. Canty 95.04  
  Pratt, Craig FS 117.06     M. Halpin 92.02  
  Latham, Wayne FS 115.05     B. Greaves 86.06  
  Pickles, Brian FS 114.02         368.19
  Lelievre, Cassandra FS 109.04 Natives Club F-Class Teams  
  Blair, Wayne FS 109.02   F-Class 1    
  Leung, Jeff FS 108.04     G. Constantinou 124.08  
  Basterfield, Tom FS 108.00     C. Pratt 117.06  
  Menzel, Paul FS 106.03     W.J. Latham 115.05  
  F-Class Open Scope       B. Pickles 114.02  
  Constantinou, George FO 124.08         356.19
  Canty, Tom FO 112.01   F-Class 2    
            P. Menzel 106.03  
          C. Lelievre 109.04  
          J. Leung 108.04  
          T. Basterfield 108.00  
      Natives Club Composite Team  
          T. Canty 112.01  
          W. Blair 109.02  
          K. Howlett 78.03  
          J. Menzel 41.01 299.06



Congratulations to DonThompson, Wendy Latham and Wayne Latham who won badges in the Victorian Championships which were held in Bendigo recently.

In A grade. Don won 5th badge in the David Syme Series and 11th Grand Aggregate badge while Wendy won 15th badge in the David Syme series.

In F-Class Standard B Grade, Wayne won 3rd Queens Badge.

Full results available from NRAA website - Click here.

Don Thompson Scoring

Wendy and Wayne display their badges


Congratulations to Mike Halpin on a excellent 50.7 at 500 yards on April 1, 2017.
Well done, Mike - the first of many to come.



Cock-of-the-Walk Trophy

The Menzel Family has very kindly donated a new trophy to the Natives Rifle Club called the "Cock-of-the-Walk" trophy which will be presented to the member who shoots the most number of 105 point possible scores in Club Championship matches each year.

The inaugural winner of this magnificent trophy in 2016 was Kim O'Loghlen seen below with his trophy.

Congratulations, Kim, and sincere thanks to the Menzel Family for this wonderful perpetual trophy
 which is sure to become a great feature of the Club's history.



The Natives Rifle Club now boasts three MDRA Champion of Champions after the competition held last Saturday morning.

Rowan McNaught won the Under-25 competition while Brian Pickles won F-Class Standard and George Constantinou won F/TR.

Ro McNaught
George Constantinou and Brian Pickles


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