Natives Rifle Club

Est. 1901

Natives Rifle Club

Est. 1901


Weapons licensing

Weapons Licensing keeps our communities safe, while enabling people with a genuine reason to own and operate a firearm or weapon. Our purpose is to effectively regulate the acquisition, possession, use and disposal of registered firearms and weapons in the interests of community safety.

A Guide to Better Scores (2nd Edition)

by Paul Carberry

Paul is a much respected shooter and performance coach from Tamworth, NSW.

A pocket guide for target rifle shooters

This guide covers many aspects of shooting what is known as “Target Rifle” in Australia. It describes basic equipment,
physical preparation, the shooting techniques and mental control required for high performance prone position shooting.

Ballistic Coefficient Testing of The Lapua .308 155 Grain Scenar Projectile

By: Bryan Litz
Applied Ballistics

In this paper master ballistician, Bryan Litz, examines the Lapua .308 155 grain Palma projectile and compares it with the Berger 155.5 grain projectile and the Sierra 155 grain projectile.

Groups and How to Centre Them
2nd Edition – April, 2021

by Wayne Latham
Natives Rifle Club, Brisbane

This information paper is written with the hope that after reading this paper  the new and less experienced shooter will have a better understanding of how each shot in a series of shots establishes a pattern on the target (the “Group”)  and how best to adjust their sights to ensure that the centre of the group is positioned over the middle of the target so as to maximise the score.

F Class Target Shooting Techniques – Level 1

by Rod Doman
President, Rosedale Rifle Range

Click Here to Link to Rosedale Rifle Range

The purpose of this paper is to increase the basic knowledge of all F-Class shooters.

Rifle Sight Wind Zeroing

by Leigh Marett
(Natives Rifle Club)

The purpose of this paper is to help new shooters achieve a proper wind zero for their rifle sight.

Barrel Tuning

by Bill Calfee

“I’m Feeling Those Good Vibrations (Again)”
(or how do barrels vibrate and how do barrel tuners work)

Bill’s informative paper from the Oz F-Class website

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