Natives Rifle Club

Est. 1901

Natives Rifle Club

Est. 1901

2022 NRAA Kings – Day #1

Day one of the NRAA Kings Match started out under overcast skies with moderate to fresh winds coming over the left shoulder.  

Scores at 300 yards varied from excellent to mediocre.  A pending storm resulted in the decision to cancel 500 yards and take an early lunch after which shelters were erected over the 600 yards mound for two 15 shot matches fired in drizzle to moderate rain.  The outcome was some quite wet shooters and range crew but the program was completed.

Natives Club member of the day was Reilly Pitt who won TR-B Grade with a very impressive 196.20! Excellent shooting Reilly!

Prior to the commencement of the NRAA’s Inaugural King’s Prize match, Ben Emms, winner if the 2021 NRAA Queens Prize fired the “Last Shot” for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The National Kings: 
Stg #1 Aggregate 
A-Grade:1st – Steve Negus, Canberra200.32
B-Grade:1st – Reilly Pitt, Natives196.20
C-Grade:1st – Craig Ryan, Pacific186.05
F-Std A:1st – Henk Doggen, Beaudesert240.28
F-Std B:1st – Darryl Patti, Beaudersert236.16
F-Open:David Boreham, North Arm240.33
F/TR:Roger Hannemann, Crows Nest239.24

Daily Aggregate Winners: Left to Right:

TR-A Grade – Steve Negus, Canberra; TR-B Grade – Reilly Pitt, Natives; TR-C Grade – Craig Ryan, Pacific; FS-A – Henk Doggen, Beaudesert; FS-B – Darryl Patti, Beaudesert; F-Open – David Boreham, North Arm; F-TR – Roger Hennemann, Crow’s Nest.

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