Natives Rifle Club

Est. 1901

Natives Rifle Club

Est. 1901

2023 QRA Junior Development Championships

The 2023 QRA Junior Development Fundraising Prize Meeting was held on January 14th and 15th in overcast conditions with light to moderate winds from 10.30 o’clock for the most part.

The Grand Aggregate for TR was won by Ben Picton from Mungindi with Natives member Kim O’Loghlen in third place.  Natives member, John Caske finished 3rd in TR-B while club mate Warwick Thomas won the TR-C Grade Aggregate. Well done, Warwick!

In F-Class Standard A Grade David Li picked up the Bronze prize for 3rd place, a position replicated by Brett Clarkson in FT/R.

Day 1 was shot over double 500 and double 600 yards with Jessica Crawford winning TR-A without dropping a point! Great shooting that went unrewarded but applauded by Natives members present! 
John Caske won TR-B with Rudi Mueller in 2nd place. Pieter Wiid in his first Prize Meeting finished 2nd in TR-C.

Wayne Latham won F-Class Standard A Grade while George Constantinou picked up silver in F-Class Open and Brett Clarkson won bronze in F/TR.

Day 2 was shot over double 900  and double 1000 yards. 
Natives member, Don Thompson, finished 3rd in TR-A Grade. Ian Errington won bronze in TR-B while in TR-C Warwick Thomas was 2nd and Pieter Wiid finished in 3rd place.


Summary of Natives Club Members’ Results
Saturday, January 14, 2023 
(Double 500 Yards and Double 600 Yards) 
500 Yards Aggregate: 
A Grade:1stBen Picton, Mungindi100.17
 2ndJessica Crawford, Natives100.10
 5thBob Crawford, Natives99.11
B Grade:1stJohn Caske, Natives98.09
 2ndDominic Whalan, Natives98.08
 3rdRudi Mueller, Natives97.09
C Grade:1stPieter Wiid, Natives94.04
 3rdWarwick Thomas93.02
F/Std-A:1stWayne Latham, Natives120.08
 2ndDavid Li, Natives118.10
 3rdDavid Ward, Natives117.05
F/Std-B:1stBrad Norton, Gold Coast117.10
F-Open:1stDarren Lowe, Goondiwindi120.15
 2ndGeorge Constantinou, Natives120.14
F-TR1stFrans Knox, Pacific119.12
 3rdJohn Stevens, Natives117.07
600 Yards Aggregate: 
A Grade:1stJessica Crawford, Natives105.13
B Grade:1stBrett Stephens, Mariners104.09
 2ndJohn Caske, Natives103.08
 3rdRudi Mueller, Natives103.07
C Grade:1stIan Genn, Pacific100.05
 3rdPieter Wiid, Natives96.01
F/Std-A:1stHenk Doggen, Beaudesert125.15
 2ndIvor Davidson, Natives124.09
F/Std-B:1stJoseph Noonan, Pacific124.08
 3rdBrian Pickles, Natives121.05
F-Open:1stDarren Lowe, Goondiwindi126.07
 3rdGeorge Constantinou, Natives125.1
F-TR1stCameron Free, Pacific126.05
 3rdBrett Clarkson, Natives124.09
Sunday, January 15, 2023 
(Double 900 Yards and Double 1000 Yards) 
900 Yards Aggregate: 
A Grade:1stBen Picton, Mungindi100.11
B Grade:1stBrett Stephens, Mariners97.11
 2ndIan Errington, Natives97.07
C Grade:1stCraig Ryan, Pacific94.09
 2ndWarwick Thomas, Natives93.08
 3rdPieter Widd, Natives87.06
F/Std-A:1stCorrie Hooson, North Arm119.06
 3rdDavid Li, Natives112.05
F/Std-B:1stMichael Ward, Natives115.03
F-Open:1stSean Campbell, Inverell120.12
F-TR1stFrans Knox, Pacific117.04
 3rdBrett Clarkson, Natives115.08
1000 Yards Aggregate: 
A Grade:1stBen Picton, Mungindi100.10
 2ndDon Thompson, Natives95.09
B Grade:1stBrett Stephens, Mariners96.09
 3rdIan Errington, Natives86.04
C Grade:1stCraig Ryan, Pacific83.03
 2ndWarwick Thomas, Natives80.01
 3rdPieter Wiid, Natives77.02
F/Std-A:1stCorrie Hooson, North Arm110.05
 2ndDavid Ward, Natives110.03
 3rdDavid Li, Natives107.02
F/Std-B:1stGlenn Ellis, Crows Nest110.02
F-Open:1stBrian Potter, Mariners116.05
F-TR1stMark Fairbairn, Cannon Hill110.00
Grand Aggregate: 
A Grade:1stBen Picton, Mungindi402.50
 3rdKim O’Loghlen, Natives392.28
B Grade:1stBrett Stephens, Mariners393.33
 3rdJohn Caske, Natives382.24
C Grade:1stWarwick Thomas, Natives359.16
 2ndPieter Wiid, Natives354.13
F/Std-A:1stHenk Doggen, Beaudesert464.37
 3rdDavid Li, Natives459.25
F/Std-B:1stThomas Gabele, Gold Coast453.20
F-Open:1stBrian Potter, Mariners478.40
F-TR1stFrans Knox, Pacific467.30

Day One Trophy Presentations

They’re out there and some mothers do love them!


It’s been a long two days for the range staff!  Thank you for your voluntary service.

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