Natives Rifle Club

Est. 1901

Natives Rifle Club

Est. 1901

400 Yards, 04-03-2023

A big turnout of 41 competitors took part in the matches at 400 yards on Saturday.

Top on the range and the only person to shoot a possible was Native’s member, Jessica Crawford with and excellent 105.08 in challenging winds from 10.30 o’clock. Congratulations, Jessica!

Wendy Latham in F-Class Standard was top off the rifle for the second consecutive week after only two months behind a scope.  Well done, Wendy.

David Li brought out his Sporter/Hunter rifle and cleaned up with a nice possible 105.10. 

Name:Link to GroupsGrade 2023400 Yards
Target Rifle   
Crawford, JessicaClickA105.08
Crawford, BobClickA104.11
Marett, LeighClickA103.12
O’Loghlen, KimClickA103.07
Mueller, RudiClickB101.07
Spence, JamesClickA100.10
Meldrum, CraigClickB100.06
Baker, LukeClickA100.05
Thompson, DonClickA100.04
Hopkins, BasClickB99.08
Pratt, JoshuaClickA98.08
Whalan, DominicClickB98.04
Spence, TeddyClickB97.06
Errington, IanClickB97.05
Bell, RobertClickB97.02
Brinin, IsaacClickB96.06
Caske, JohnClickB95.04
Canty, Marcia ClickC94.05
Menzel, JohnClickB93.03
Thomas, WarrickClickC91.03
Pearce, HannahClickC84.01
Wiid, PieterClickC83.04
Wiid, ZydenClickC82.02
Thomas, ClancyClickC81.02
F/TR Scope 
Clarkson, BrettClickF/TR120.05
Stevens, JohnClickF/TR115.07
Craick, GordonClickF/TR115.03
Morley, ScottClickF/TR114.03
Ruthven, BradClickF/TR104.03
F-Class Open Scope 
Constantinou, GeorgeClickFO124.10
Kansky, AndyClickFO122.07
Ploch, OliverClickFO119.09
Chapman, AnthonyClickFO117.05
F-Class Standard Scope 
Latham, WendyClickFSB122.10
Menzel, PaulClickFSB122.09
Crawford, KristineClickFSA121.06
Latham, WayneClickFSA121.04
Davidson, IvorClickFSA120.08
Berger, RayClickFSA118.07
Van Roo, MaxClickFSB110.03
Pickles, BrianClickFSA91.01
Sporter/Hunter Scope 
Li, Jianjun (David)ClickS/H105.10
Ploch, OliverClickS/H102.11
Mueller, RudiClickS/H101.09
Latham, WayneClickS/H47.02

Cocks of the Walk, 400 yards, 04-03-2023

Celebrating Jessica Crawford’s birthday during the week! Happy Birthday, Top Shot! 

Recognising Scott Morley’s win in the 2022 QRA Queens F-Class Standard B Grade with a portrait for the Roques Gallery in the Clubhouse.

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