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Natives Rifle Club

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Bob Crawford wins MDRA Prize Meeting

Natives Rifle Club member, Bob Crawford, won both days and the Grand Aggregate (TR-A) of the 2023 MDRA Prize Meeting held on 9th and 10th of September. Bob’s daughter, Jessica, was keeping the pressure on finishing fourth on Day 1, second on Day 2 and third in the Grand Aggregate.

Natives Club members were prominent on both days.

In TR-B Grade, Rudi Mueller had a great win on Day 1.  TR-C Grade saw a tussle over the two days with Pieter Wiid taking out 1st place, Warwick Thomas 2nd and Zyden Wiid 3rd. 

David Li won Day 1 in FStd-A.  In FStd-B Thomas Kitching won both daily aggregates to take out the Grand with son, Lee, finishing 2nd.

George Constantinou (F-Open) won Day 2 and the Grand Aggregate.

In F-TR, John Stevens shot consistently to finish fourth on both days and in the Grand Aggregate.

Great shooting, Natives!

Summary of Results 
Saturday, September 9, 2023 
(Double 500 yards and double 900 yards) 
Day#1 Aggregate: 
A Grade:1stBob Crawford, Natives204.25
 4thJessica Crawford, Natives201.21
B Grade:1stRudi Mueller, Natives199.17
C Grade:1stAlex Cruice, Uni of Qld186.09
 2ndWarwick Thomas, Natives184.06
 3rdPieter Wiid, Natives180.06
F/Std-A:1stDavid Li, Natives236.18
F/Std-B:1stThomas Kitching, Natives231.11
 2ndBrian Pickles, Natives230.13
F-Open:1stJenni Hausler, 1000yd B/Rest234.23
 3rdGeorge Constantinou, Natives239.19
F-TR1stJason Mayers, University241.23
 4thJohn Stevens, Natives234.12
Sunday,September 10, 2023 
(Double 600 Yards and 1000 Yards) 
Day#2 Aggregate: 
A Grade:1stBob Crawford, Natives145.16
 2ndJessica Crawford, Natives145.14
B Grade:1stCraig Ryan, Pacific137.11
C Grade:1stPieter Wiid, Natives135.06
 2ndWarwick Thomas, Natives129.06
 3rdZyden Wiid, Natives128.06
F/Std-A:1stCorrie Hooson, North Arm168.08
F/Std-B:1stThomas Kitching, Natives158.04
 3rdLee Kitching, Natives153.01
F-Open:1stGeorge Constantinou, Natives176.13
F-TR1stJason Mayers, University175.11
 4thJohn Stevens, Natives170.09
Two-Day Grand Aggregate: 
A Grade:1stBob Crawford, Natives349.41
 3rdJessica Crawford, Natives346.35
B Grade:1stPeter Camm, Pacific331.19
C Grade:1stPieter Wiid, Natives315.12
 2ndWarwick Thomas, Natives313.12
 3rdZyden Wiid, Natives301.13
F/Std-A:1stJohn Preece, Pacific391.18
F/Std-B:1stThomas Kitching, Natives389.15
 2ndLee Kitching, Natives374.10
F-Open:1stGeorge Constantinou, Natives415.32
F-TR1stJason Mayers, University416.34
 4thJohn Stevens, Natives404.21

Photos from Day 1 of the MDRA Prize Meeting courtesy of Michelle Dick and Facebook.

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