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Natives Rifle Club

Est. 1901

University of Qld Prize Meeting, 29 and 30-06-2024

The University of Queensland two-day Prize Meeting held over the weekend of June 29th and 30th saw some excellent scores, particularly on the Saturday when conditions were warm with light winds and the scores reflected these conditions.

In the morning the Natives pairs team of Bob Crawford and Josh Pratt coached by Leigh Marett took out the top prize by a single central bull with a great double possible score of 150.23!

In the afternoon Natives’ member, Jessica Crawford, won TR-A with an excellent 105.18 ahead of fellow Natives Mirko Teglasi, Kim O’Loghlen and Issac Brinin all on 105.16. Not far behind were Don Thompson (105.13) and James Spence (105.11).  TR-B was won by Natives member, Lyle Vinter, with Rudi Mueller coming in 3rd.  Meanwhile in TR-C, Warwick Thomas on 102.9 nudged out Zyden Wiid to take top position.  In F-TR natives’ member, Kristine Crawford, was relegated to 3rd position even though she shot an excellent 126.8! Tough competition!

Sunday started out with the same mild conditions as Saturday but in the afternoon warm northerly winds played havoc with scores at 1000 yards. Nevertheless, in TR-A, Kim O’Loghlen came out on top a point ahead of Clubmate, Bob Crawford. Rudi Mueller continued his good form to finish 2nd in TR-B while Warwick Thomas took bronze in TR-C!

The TR-A Grand Aggregate went to Natives member, Kim O’Loghlen, with Bob Crawford in 3rd place.  Rudi Mueller’s consistancy led to 2nd place in TR-B while in TR-C Warwick Thomas took silver with Zyden Wiid in 4th position.  Thomas Kitching picked up a well-deserved silver in F-Std-B.

Summary of Natives Club Members’ Results
Saturday, June 29, 2024 
Double 800 Yards   
Day#1 Aggregate: 
A Grade:1stJessica Crawford, Natives105.18
 Other Natives Scores: 
 2ndMirko Teglasi105.16
 3rdKim O’Loghlen105.16
 4thIsaac Brinin105.16
 6thDon Thompson105.13
 9thJames Spence105.11
  Bob Crawford104.14
B Grade:1stLyle Vinter, Natives104.08
 Other Natives Scores: 
 3rdRudi Mueller103.09
 5thIan Errington102.07
C Grade:1stWarwick Thomas, Natives102.09
 Other Natives Scores: 
 2ndZyden Wiid101.11
F/Std-A:1stAndrew McKillop, Pacific126.12
 Natives Scores: 
  Ivor Davidson125.11
  David Li123.10
F/Std-B:1stKeith Morgan, Bris Mariners125.11
 Natives Scores: 
 4thThomas Kitching124.06
  Brian Pickles121.04
  Pieter Wiid115.02
F-Open:1stBrian Potter, Bris Mariners126.16
 Natives Scores: 
  Oliver Ploch125.14
F-TR:1stLeon Lindley, University126.13
 Natives Scores: 
 3rdKristine Crawford126.08
  John Stevens125.09
  Brett Clarkson122.07
Sporter-PC:1stDoug Benjamin, Beaudesert105.15
Sunday, June 30, 2024 
(Double 900 Yards and 1000 Yards – all 15 shot matches)
Day#2 Aggregate: 
A Grade:1stKim O’Loghlen, Natives222.19
 Other Natives Scores: 
 2ndBob Crawford221.21
 5thIsaac Brinin214.23
 6thDon Thompson211.17
B Grade:1stBrett Stephens, Bris Mariners205.15
 Natives Scores: 
 2ndRudi Mueller203.15
C Grade:1stScott Townsend, University200.08
 Natives Scores: 
 3rdWarwick Thomas195.14
 4thZyden Wiid184.10
F/Std-A:1stCorrie Hooson, North Arm259.13
 Natives Scores: 
  David Li250.14
  Ivor Davidson242.03
F/Std-B:1stDaniel Ward, Albert & Central248.13
 Natives Scores: 
 4thThomas Kitching244.08
 5thPieter Wiid243.14
F-Open:1stBrian Potter, Bris Mariners266.21
 Natives Scores: 
 5thOliver Ploch260.21
F-TR1stJeremy Wardrop, University261.14
 Natives Scores: 
  Brett Clarkson249.11
  Kristine Crawford239.05
Sporter-PC:1stDoug Benjamin, Beaudesert218.23
Two-Day Grand Aggregate: 
A Grade:1stKim O’Loghlen, Natives327.35
 Other Natives Scores: 
 3rdBob Crawford325.35
 5thIsaac Brinin319.39
 6thDon Thompson316.30
B Grade:1stBrett Stephens, Bris Mariners308.30
 Natives Scores: 
 2ndRudi Mueller306.24
C Grade:1stScott Townsend, University298.17
 Natives Scores: 
 3rdWarwick Thomas297.23
 4thZyden Wiid285.21
F/Std-A:1stCorrie Hooson, North Arm382.22
 Natives Scores: 
 5thDavid Li373.24
 6thIvor Davidson367.14
F/Std-B:1stDaniel Ward, Albert & Central373.18
 Natives Scores: 
 3rdThomas Kitching368.14
 7thPieter Wiid358.16
F-Open:1stBrian Potter, Bris Mariners392.37
 Natives Scores: 
 5thOliver Ploch385.35
F-TR1stJeremy Wardrop, University387.24
 Natives Scores: 
 6thBrett Clarkson371.18
  Kristine Crawford365.13
Sporter-PC:1stDoug Benjamin, Beaudesert323.38

Photos courtesy of Facebook and Michele Dick.

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